LAURION executed its Summer Field Program on its 47 km2 Ishkoday Project from May to October 2018.

LAURION’s is validatating the existence of a large (bulk) near surface gold polymetallic target (the 'Target') over the identified 3 km by 1 km main outcrop area, containing all of the known precious and base metals mineralization known to date, in an expedited fashion to advance the project to the next development phase.

LAURION is following through its strategic three-phased exploration program over a thirty-six month period, aimed at the Target validation and concentrating on rapidly defining and expanding via drilling near surface mineral resources in gold, silver, zinc and copper.

LAURION commenced with selective geological mapping, strategic prospecting of historic mineralized “veins” and their extensions, along with new areas in the previously untested northern claims.

On completion of the May-June Program, a practical geological and exploration model for the SE portion of LAURION’s Ishkoday within the 3km by 1km outcrop area encompassing all of the previously known gold-polymetallic mineralization (the 'Target Area'). Assay results highlights included:

Field validation required to test the continuity of individual and combined mineralized NE-SW trending centimetric-to metric-wide and kilometric-long lode gold quartz shear and extension veins (the “Quartz Veins”). The planned work included additional manual and mechanized outcrop stripping, channel sampling and assaying.

Two strategic NW-SE 400m to 500m outcrop stripping lines (the 'Lines') were completed as a first pass assessment across key NE-SW trending Quartz Veins and gold/polymetallic (copper-zinc) veins (the 'Polymetallic Veins') systems in the Target Area. One of the Lines crossed a sector where historic surface mapping identified at least 20 Quartz Veins combined with several Polymetallic Veins.

Detailed geological mapping of key areas, including a continuous surface stripping, channel sampling and assaying of potential zones was completed to outline the Target.

New mineralized occurrences which were discovered in May, andwere manually stripped, cleaned and mapped. Grab and whenever possible deep channel samples were taken and sent for analysis to the ALS Laboratory facilities.

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